The World’s New Currency Standard

Say hello to BullionCoin, the currency the world has been waiting for; attractive, usable, simple to understand and wielding epic disruptive power. It is the first physical gold and silver backed digital asset that provides income returns whilst promoting stable trade and protection of purchasing power.

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Empowering. Safe. Usable.

Seamlessly buy, sell, send, trade and redeem gold and silver. BullionCoin is simple and easy-to-use: without the need to understand technology, the precious metals industry or financial markets to spend or hold.

It provides safety against political, economic, banking and other risks. BullionCoins are manipulation-free, debasement proof, portable, exchangeable, private and limit external interference.

An ecosystem of shared wealth

BullionCoin is engineered as a win-win ecosystem of shared wealth for all participants, highly incentivising adoption and propensity to transact at low cost.

The higher the circulation of transactions, the higher velocity the asset generates and the higher the earnings payout to participants. All entities are thus incentivised to purchase, trade, promote and enroll, making BullionCoin a unique monetary architecture built on solid low volatility gold and silver asset backing.


Liberty. Privacy. Honesty.

Transactions require no traditional banking and transfer executions and confirmations occur instantaneously within seconds.
BullionCoin is honest money resilient to debasement and manipulation,
most importantly it returns stable financial sovereignty to individuals and businesses.

Why Gold and Silver?

Historically gold and silver are the best stores of value. The financial industry, however,
prices and treats them as commodities because they produce no yield (income return).

BullionCoin, for the first time in history solves this problem by introducing
Incentive Schemes that share wealth generated amongst its active users.


We’ve made complex settlements look simple and logical that is easy enough for everyone to understand. 
You don’t need to understand the technology to use it, nor the precious metals market to make money.

Seamless Integration

The perfectly engineered amalgamation of allocated physical gold & silver market with the cryptocurrency market.
 Simple to buy & sell. 
Simple to send and receive.

Who is it for?

BullionCoin is for everyone to acquire to spend, purchase to hold, create to earn or buy to trade:
  •    Wholesale Gold and Silver Dealers
  •    Financial Institutions
  •    Brokers and Intermediaries
Liquidity providers
  •    Crypto exchanges
  •    Merchants
MLM companies
  •    Youtube / online channels with large followers

Why use BullionCoin?

Unlike fiat currencies BullionCoin is not created from debt.

It is not inflationary or fractional

Unlike virtual currencies, it has intrinsic value and can never become worthless.

Its price will never fall below the physical price of the underlying gold or silver

Trade and commerce requires a unit of exchange that is stable with low volatility

BullionCoin promotes capital appreciation (wealth effect) of physical gold and silver

Gold and silver’s value is recognised globally and has been the case for thousands of years

It is risk-free and can be redeemed in physical metal at any moment

The BullionCoin debit card can be conveniently used for purchases and payments in any fiat currency

How it works?

Simply put BullionCoin brings back the gold and silver standard, offering you ownership of precious metals in a digital form. It is globally transferable and can be easily used for all types of economic activities.

• BullionCoins can be freely purchased by anyone, anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

• Each BullionCoin unit is backed 100% by fine gold or silver.

• There are two types of BullionCoins – gold (XAAU) and silver (XAAG).

• 1 gold BullionCoin (XAAU) is equal to 1 gram of gold (9999).

• 1 silver BullionCoin (XAAG) is equal to 50 grams silver (999).

• The ratio of BullionCoins to gold and silver is kept, without exception, at a 1:1 weight basis.

• The fixed weight or value of the physical precious metal is then recorded through a digital Blockchain to circulate a digital currency.

• BullionCoins will never fall below the intrinsic value of the precious metal they represent.

•  BullionCoins can do anything that normal cash is able to.

• You will be able to easily access, trade or pay with BullionCoin through it’s eWallet System or pre-paid card.

• BullionCoins can be bought and sold in USD or with physical gold and silver; they will also be able to be redeemed in physical metal once we have obtained the appropriate approvals from our regulator.

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