Prepaid Debit Card

Get easy access with Debit Card

Simplified Payments

In order to simplify payments in global “fiat” currencies, like US dollars, BullionCoin members have the opportunity to ask for a BullionCoin MasterCard.

This highly convenient prepaid card facility is denominated in gold (XAAU) or silver (XAAG) BullionCoins and allows members to pay directly in BullionCoins.

World Class

The Prepaid BullionCoin Debit Card is a world-class financial product allowing you to be topped-up at any moment without having to sell BullionCoins.

The prepaid card converts XAAU or XAAG BullionCoins instantly into any fiat currency to complete a payment or transaction. Prepaid card payments are only limited by the balance of member’s account.

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