Physical Market

The Physical Market is the primary market of BullionCoin and named “The BullionCoin Exchange” (BCX).
BCX is a closed online physical trading platform where investors (individuals and business entities) buy and sell physical bullion bars of gold and silver from and to participating liquidity providers, and vault operator securely stores purchased bullion bars on allocated basis at designated facilities.

BCX is the Primary Marketplace where investors have the option to convert eligible bullion bars to BullionCoin by making additional supply of BullionCoin digital units in the Digital Market on fixed weight ratio where each 1 gram of gold makes 1 BullionCoin XAAU and each 50grams of silver make 1 BullionCoin XAAG.

What is it?

• The BullionCoin Exchange is where physical allocated gold and silver bullion bars are purchased and converted to BullionCoins.

• BullionCoins are created through the act of converting physical bullion bars into digital units.

• Eligible Adopters are rewarded with attractive lifetime recurring earnings from every transaction those coins perform in the future in perpetuity.

• BullionCoins are not mined into existence; they are freely purchased by anyone, anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

• When a BullionCoin is created, the equal amount of bullion in weight (gold or silver) is stored securely in a high security vault.

• To start earning a yield, the BullionCoins need to be sold in the Secondary marketplace for USD. Physical Market members thus recuperate their investment whilst retaining the lifetime yield entitlement from the BullionCoins they created.

What are the benefits?

•  Investors who convert their holdings of bullion bars into BullionCoins in the primary market (the BCX – Physical Market) can own BullionCoins at discount of the full price in the secondary market (the BCN – Digital Market).

•   Early Adopters or (Ambassadors) who invest in the primary market, stand to get “Time Limited” and “Ongoing” incentive schemes from time to time. This is calculated as a “Share of Transaction Fee” earned on transactions that take place in the secondary marketplace.

•  BCX also make metals deposit possible to convert your precious metals and convert them into BullionCoin. This is handled on a case-by-case basis.

How do I sign up?

If you intend invest in physical precious metals bullion bars you will need to sign-up and open a wholesale account in the BullionCoin Exchange. This will give you access to the Physical Market (BCX).

•   To become a BCX Investor register your interest by clicking below

•   Follow the simple and quick instructions to sign up.

• Then complete the simple KYC process to complete your account application.

•   All BCX Market members will still need to activate an eWallet as described above.

•   Customers are not subject to any volume limitations.

Have any questions?

We are always available to answer any questions you might have. Contacting us is really simple