Secondary Marketplace

The secondary marketplace called The BullionCoin Network (BCN), is for individuals, businesses, merchants and external exchanges.
This is an online channel accessed via web-browser, tablet or smartphone.
Users can buy, sell, trade or transfer BullionCoins between members.

What are the benefits?

• BullionCoins will never fall below the value of the precious metal they represent and have the potential to appreciate according to market confidence (supply & demand).

• An attractive eWallet recruiting incentive exists for members to recruit and sign up new members and earn lifetime recurring income in exchange for a few minutes of work.

• BullionCoins can be used to pay merchants or can be converted into any other global currency via exchanges.

• BullionCoins can also be redeemed in physical metal.

How do I sign up?

• To create an eWallet, download BullionCoin from the iOS AppStore, Google Play Store or by signing up to the webclient

• Follow the simple and quick instructions to sign up.

• Then complete the simple KYC process to fully-activate the account.

Have any questions?

We are always available to answer any questions you might have. Contacting us is really simple